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Modern Methods is the work of producer, instrumentalist, and visual artist Cameron Scott based in Northern California. His "groove science" combines elements of funk, latin, and psychedelia with an electronic backbone to make a unique alloy that lights up any dance floor. His live shows blend live looping and improvisation with his produced music to make each show its own unique experience. 


His music is influenced by the shift in live electronic music that has taken place over the past decade by artists and producers like The Polish Ambassador, St. Germain, Boom Box, and Eoto. Advances in music production and performance techniques make it possible to mix vibrant produced music with textured instrumentation and live looping to create memorable live performances. 


Modern Methods is the product of 25 years of performance and music production experience. His resume includes multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, producer, band and tour manager. Additionally founding and playing in groups of nearly every genre including rock, funk, ska, samba, folk, jazz, classical, and orchestral. 

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